NexCode® National Security Suite

In a world where your identity determines the position you occupy in society, effective identity management is everything in keeping society safe. Poor identity management leads to many undesired consequences including identity theft as well as identity fraud.

The NexCode® National Security Suite is an advanced software system that greatly enhances the security of identification and authentication documents. Powered by a patented and award-winning 2D code solution known as NexCode®, this software system provides real-time information access and information sharing via forensic level security technologies unique to S5 Systems.

With this solution, dynamic data retrieval from a secure, centralised individual or networked set of databases can be performed anytime, anywhere in fixed or mobile access methods. The capabilities to verify the authenticity of identities and documents that are essential in crime prevention are greatly optimised.

Key solution highlights are:

  • Applies the highest level of security (Level 3 Security)available globally today
  • International Common Criteria Certified Secure and accurately verified identities and identity documents
  • Real-time data retrieval from a secure centralised and trusted data source under full control of the source data owner
  • 'Global Standard’, future-proof identity protection and enforcement verification
  • Utilises US Military grade encryption and fool-proof communication and encryption algorithms
  • Widespread and secure access-controlled enforcement across any recognised mobile device 
  • Does not need specialised and costly enforcement/verification tools
  • Efficient and effective enforcement on identities and identity documents
  • Cross-linking between various government agencies and systems possible for greater data consolidation, sharing and integrity
  • Cross-border information sharing and enforcement
  • Unlimited storage capacity and REAL-TIME document status updates.

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