Customs, Immigration and Border Control Systems

Border protection and security represents the first line of defence  in efforts to prevent the illegal movement of people, contraband and threats across borders.  In recent times, border protection and security have played a key role in the prevention of national threats such as terrorism and human trafficking.

S5 Systems' Customs and Immigration Border Control Systems offers a suite of complete end-to-end solutions that enhances border security while also allowing seamless and efficient passenger and goods processing at border control checkpoints.  These solutions addresses the document processing needs for both arriving and departing travelers as well as goods processing for verification and taxation at all border processing points whether at land, air or sea. 

Being fully integrated with S5 Systems’ NexCode® and biometrics solutions, identity and goods verification is extremely accurate plugging security gaps that would otherwise exist in other customs and immigration systems. Key benefits realized are the comprehensive prevention of identity theft and misuse, the elimination of document fraud and impersonation, as well as the accurate tracking of the history of movement of goods and people into and out of a country’s border crossings.

 Key solution highlights are:

  • Verification of travel documents, goods manifests, customs
  • Documents, passports, visas and landing cards 
  • Validate and authenticate security features of travel and goods documents
  • ICAO compliance for international compatibility
  • Identify fraudulent and counterfeited documents
  • FBI compliant and international standard biometric for inter-department and inter-government data sharing
  • Detect and prevent criminals and terrorists at border crossingS for further actions
  • Prevent illegal visitors from gaining entry into the country
  • Identify overstayers, illegal immigrants and foreign worker without valid documents
  • Improve traveler’s processing efficiency
  • Empower enforcement officers with efficient monitoring capabilities



  S5’s Customs and Immigration Border Control Systems consists of:

  • Border Control Entry and Exit Processing
  • NexTax™ – NexCode® Customs Processing and Duty Enforcement
  • Foreigner Identity Issuance
  • Travel Document Verification
  • Visa and Work Permit Management
  • International Standards Based Automated Biometric Verification
  • Flight Information Integration
  • Advance Passenger Processing and Pre-Clearance
  • Enforcement Systems – Entry/Exit, Investigative and Field Operations
  • Depot Management and Deportation
  • eGates with fully integrated eGate Management System
  • eVisa Management System
  • Visa Outsourced Processing Capable
  • Travel Document Device and Reader Integration – eMRTD standards compliant (ICAO 9303 part 1 Vol. 1)
  • Revenue Reconciliation and Audit Trails
  • Crime Tracking and enforcement: Watch Lists, Blacklists, forensic investigation tools and crime records integration 


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