Travel Document System

Our travel document is one of the most important forms of identification you can possess. It provides the proof of who you are and where you are from. Unfortunately, frequent abuses of travel documents occur due to the lucrative business of  syndicated international human trafficking. Whilst system based security mechanisms are able to provide a strong defense against such abuses, source documents need also be addressed and made more secure.

S5 Systems enhances the security of travel documents via a comprehensive Travel Document System that ensures citizens’ peace of mind. From the production and issuance of ICAO compliant ePassports, visas, passes, permits and foreigner IDs to enrolment systems and strong border control security solutions, S5 Systems offers end-to-end, fully compliant, highly secure and customized solutions to cater to the management of the full document life-cycle, eliminating the gap on document abuses and fraudulent activities.