NexID National ID Management Solution

Evolved from an initial ID card production system with a basic 34 Billion Permutation 2D code security algorithm, NexID currently employs secure algorithms with 562 Trillion Permutations. Coupled with the capabilities of the NexCode® National Security Suite, US Military grade encryption and secure enforcement tools, the NexID solution enables the production, personalisation, management and real-time enforcement on an integrated identity document that employs the highest levels of document security available today (Level 3 Security).

Document tampering and identity theft becomes near impossible as the NexID system relies on identity verification based on centralised secure identity data stored in government networks which are access-controlled for only authorised personnel.

From the initial stage of creating and supplying ID cards to distributing and managing ID cards – S5 Systems offers a total one-stop solution for a nationwide ID management solution. A wide range of features and technologies can be employed depending on customer needs and local environmental conditions.

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