NexCode® Enforcement

The NexCode® Enforcement System is designed to enable field enforcement officers to conduct authentication and verification of identity documents with non-specialized tools such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, and simple but secure handheld devices. Being software driven, the NexCode® Enforcement System are also implemented in ruggedised mobile PCs for tougher environments. The Flexibility of this system enables rapid and lower-cost deployment at a fraction of the cost and complexities of more specialized hardware and dedicated enforcement devices which are only single purpose and often pose problems of compatibility and upgrade issues.

The NexCode® Enforcement System enables a mobile phone or webcam to authenticate documents and cross-reference against info in a centralized database.  Any discrepancy of info will then be revealed to the enforcement officer in real-time, thus allowing immediate actions on any suspicion of tampering or forging of document

 Feature highlights:

  • Quick and easy scan of identity document code 
  • Real-time and up-to-date identity documents information display
  • Cross-referencing to relevant agencies and identity documents
  • Audit trail of accessing security data and privacy with customer control
  • Robust and flexible technology fit to customer system and procedure
  • Real-time field enforcement reporting
  • Integration with biometrics reading software for more complete 
  • Document and person identification 


A) NexCode® Mobile Enforcement

Our Nexcode® Mobile Enforcement is ready to support a wide range of mobile devices—requiring the device to only have a camera and basic system requirements. This greatly simplifies nationwide deployment, promotes mobility and ensures cost-effectiveness. All software upgrades are performed remotely over-the-air (via US Military grade communications) thus eliminating the need for costly logistics and management of hardware equipment.

B) NexCode® Desktop Enforcement

While Nexcode® Mobile Enforcement enables the mobile to become a powerful authentication device, Nexcode® Desktop Enforcement enables the application of the same enforcement functionality in more fixed locations or on larger scale enforcement operations. It shares the same functionality as the Mobile Enforcement System and can be dispatched to the field any time for ad-hoc operations. Desktop Enforcement Systems are typically deployed to ruggedised PCs with fully integrated scanning devices and extended power supplies.