Today, biometric technologies open new frontiers in human identity verification to greatly improve national security. Biometric solutions based on fingerprints, iris, palm and facial scans have become an integral part of security systems implemented by top enforcement agencies worldwide. 

S5  Systems solutions that incorporate biometric verification are developed to be fully integrated with the latest biometric equipment for a more comprehensive security approach to curbing national and international security threats. Combined with S5 Systems' patented and award-winning NexCode® solution, the identities and resultant associated identity documents are holistically protected and enable comprehensive enforcement to be carried out.


  Effectively applied in a multitude of relevant security areas today

     - from national identity registration to border control, the solution’s key highlights are:

  •  FBI compliant and ANSI/NIST-ITL international exchange format
  •  Accurate identity management and verification
  •  Proven technology in fraud prevention
  •  Supports interoperability for both ANSI and ISO standards
  •  Enhances the verification processing in any registration scenario 
  •  Fast image capturing, authentication, high-matching performance, accurate verification and with quick response time 
  •  Proven full integration to Civil, Criminal, Forensic and Commercial AFIS
  •  Future-proof - supports all biometric technology: fingerprint, iris, palm, voice, facial matching
  •  Enables quick biometric suspect list, blacklist and wanted list matching
  •  Enables live-scan detection and ten prints capturing 
  •  Enables rolled, flat and latent fingerprint minutia matching 
  •  Proven matching performance even in very large databases (>20 million records) 


  Biometric Solution Modules includes:

  • Identity registration module
  • Biometric capturing module
  • Biometric verification, matching module
  • Biometric blacklist module
  • Search, enquiry and updates records module
  • Biometric status and hits module
  • Supervision module 
  • Live detection module
  • On-line biometric monitoring module
  • AFIS verification module
  • Watch list alert module
  • Waiting list module
  • Forensic matching module


Biometric Device and Mobile Terminals

S5 Systems' biometric devices such as mobile terminals, SDK and drivers enable high and accurate capturing of info and they are ready for fast deployment. The devices range from two-to ten-print fingerprint capturing that also supports various matching and scanning speed capabilities. 

Biometric Watch List Alerts and Crime Tracking Verification

Our dynamic biometric solution enables a person’s identity to be accurately checked against a biometric watch list, blacklist or suspect list. Matching is efficiently cross-linked to previous historical record and can be integrated with other systems for demographic data matching as well.

Upcoming Multi-modal Biometrics

While fingerprint scanning is the current industry and government standard, technology advances are leading to more reliability in other modes of biometrics. S5 Systems has a constant R&D focus on these technology advancements and are ready to implement other modes of biometrics once they become interoperable standards and have enough technology maturity for widespread adoption by major governments worldwide. Some of the more mature technologies we have focused on are:

Iris Capturing and Verification

Facial recognition

Voice recognition

Palm print recognition

Vein capturing and verification