NexPlate Secure Number Plate Management System

Vehicles on the road are increasing in almost every nation in the world. This growing phenomenon is putting heavy pressure on governments around the world, especially in managing vehicle registrations, the issuance of vehicle number plates and the enforcement on the fraudulent misuse of vehicle number plates. 

Approximately 70 percent of all serious crime involves a motor vehicle, and license plates are widely acknowledged by vehicle authorities as critical crime-fighting tools used to track and identify offenders.

S5 Systems' NexPlate Secure Number Plate Management System is a complete end-to-end plate management system that allows vehicle authorities to securely and effectively manage vehicle registration plates, their security, production, controlled issuance, distribution and enforcement. The solution employs a number of anti-tamper security features as well as equips field enforcers with the tools and capabilities to conduct real-time authentication and verification of number plates, which are essential in identifying vehicle registrations, linking them to traffic violations and more importantly, to link them to the appropriate owners or users.

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