NexComm Secure SMS Solution

NexComm is designed to meet the high standards of mobile security today focusing on secure mobile information exchange and efficient delivery of message services. Running on highly encrypted, direct peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies, NexComm allows secure, reliable and protected text/SMS communications between a group of authorised individuals without the interference of servers or a third party, thus ensuring the integrity and safe delivery of sensitive information.

To prevent exposure of information, messages will only bedecrypted once they are received by the authorised mobile NexComm application. They are not stored in the normal SMS inbox of a mobile phone but maintained in a secure vault within an encrypted application requiring authentication to access the information.

With NexComm, every text message is encrypted with U.S. military grade encryption technology. Messages are fully encrypted and protected during transmission and any attempts to crack these messages during the transmission will yield only scrambled text that is undecipherable.