S5 Joins The Nation In Lending A Helping Hand To Kuala Krai

13 Jan 2016




End of 2014 was a trying month, as Malaysia witnessed the devastation of Kuala Krai, which was hit with the worst flood in recent history.

Doing our part to alleviate Kuala Krai’s struggles in rebuilding after the flood, S5 Systems has joined hundreds of good samaritans and launched the charity donation effort, aimed at providing temporary reliefs to the locals.

Led by Commercial Department of S5 in January 2015, thousands of ringgits were collected and exchanged for necessities such as school uniforms, clothes, household items, tools, foods etc.

The contribution was channeled through Ikatan Relawan Malaysia (RELA) Kuala Lumpur to be taken to Kuala Krai. 


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