S5 Systems Zooms Ahead with Fawster Motorsports in Sepang 1000 Kilometer Endurance Race

08 Dec 2012

In a strategic collaboration with Fawster Motorsports, S5 Systems has made another great achievement through its involvement in the Malaysian competitive racing arena.  It has proudly taken thrilling steps in sponsoring the Mazda team’s debut in Sepang 1000 Kilometer Endurance Race at the prestigious Sepang International Circuit.

To further boost the inaugural entry by Mazda 3 in this exciting season, there are prominent branding displays for S5 Systems, which is on par with other existing giants in the motorsports arena.  S5 Systems will continue to play an important role in supporting and promoting Malaysian motorsports and will work towards successful future endeavours with Fawster Motorsports.

This fourth edition of the Sepang 1000 Kilometer (S1K) race is a spin-off event from the hugely successful Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER), and its pits production cars below 1900cc have attracted international entries from as far as Australia and Japan. 



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