Foreign Worker iKad’s Authenticity Easily Verified Through S5’s Enforcement Technology.

20 Oct 2015

KUCHING: The Sarawak Immigration Department has issued 3,180 i-kad to foreign workers here from Oct 1 to 19 and will be extended to immigration offices in Sibu, Miri, Bintulu and Lawas.

Its director, Datuk Mohd Zulfikar Ahmad said the colour-coded cards were issued according to sectors; agriculture (green), plantation (orange), construction (grey), services (yellow), manufacturing (red) and housemaids (brown). The i-kad issued to every foreign worker is a personal identification document on top of the passport while he is staying in Sarawak.

“Its use is subject to the terms of the visitor pass (temporary work) issued to the holder.

“All foreign workers issued with visitor passes valid for one year will be issued together with i-kad,” he told a press conference at his office to announce the issuance of i-kad in Sarawak.

Zulfikar said that those who were issued with visitor passes for less than one year will not be issued with the i-kad.

“The i-kad is not a travel document and cannot can be used to replace the passport or travel document for entering or leaving the country or for travel between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.

“Foreign workers who want to enter or leave the country via Sarawak must use their passports. The original i-kad may be used as supporting document for immigration checks at checkpoints.”

He said the foreign workers may carry the original i-kad for identification during inspection by enforcement agencies without having to carry passports. The i-kad has security features which allow enforcement agencies to differentiate the original from the fake cards.

Sarawak has over 100,000 foreign workers employed in various sectors. --Bernama



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