Secure Credentials and Law Enforcement

Our national security and enforcement solutions provide a holistic approach to the security of identification and authentication of documents. With these solutions, dynamic data retrieval from a secure, centralised individual or networked set of databases can be performed anytime, anywhere. Cross-linking of databases between various agencies and systems is possible for greater data consolidation, allowing for comprehensive information sharing. 

Biometric verification can also be fully integrated into the system for a more comprehensive approach to security. Our dynamic biometric solution enables a person’s identity to be accurately checked against a biometric watch list, blacklist or suspect list. Matching is efficiently cross-linked to previous historical record and can be integrated with other systems for demographic data matching as well.

The flexibility of the system enables rapid and lower-cost deployment through non specialized tools such as mobile phones and table PCs for enforcement purposes. This is implemented at a fraction of the cost usually incurred with more specialized hardware. System enabled mobile phones or webcams allow enforcers to authenticate documents that cross-reference against a centralized database of information. Any discrepancy of info will then be revealed in real-time, thus allowing immediate actions on any suspicion of tampering or forging of document.


  • NexCode® National Security Suite

  • NexID National ID Management Solutions 

  • NexCode® Enforcement

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