Customs, Immigration and Border Protection

Border protection and security represents the first line of defence in efforts to prevent the illegal movement of people, contraband and threats across borders.  In recent times, border protection and security have played a key role in the prevention of national threats such as terrorism and human trafficking. 

S5 Systems' Customs and Immigration Border Control Systems offer a suite of complete end-to-end solutions that enhances border security while also allowing seamless and efficient passenger and goods processing at border control checkpoints.  These solutions addresses the document processing needs for both arriving and departing travellers as well as processing of goods for verification and taxation purposes at all border processing points whether at land, air or sea. From the production and issuance of ICAO compliant ePassports, visas, passes, permits and foreigner IDs to enrolment systems or strong border control security solutions; we cater to the management of the full document life-cycle, preventing document abuses and fraudulent activities. With accurate tracking and complete history of border crossing movements, the system not only prevents illegal entries by curbing criminals and terrorists at border crossings but also empowers enforcement with real-time monitoring information.

Being fully integrated to our national security and biometrics solutions, verification of both identities and goods become extremely accurate plugging security gaps that would otherwise exist in other customs and immigration systems. 


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