Foreign Worker and Management

The management of large numbers of migrant foreign workers is an ongoing challenge for Immigration and Labour Departments as there is a need to balance demand and supply quotas against immigration processing, identity management, the implementation of appropriate security and identification for ongoing enforcement. Immediate and continuous challenges typically faced are, for example, the frequent movement of foreign workers into and out of a country’s borders, the lax use of identity documents, fraudulent identities and the circumvention of government regulatory requirements such as conclusive registration and acceptance of identity documents by the foreign worker, dodging of tax and levy payments as well as health or other statutory checks.

S5 Systems' Foreign Worker Management System addresses all of the above and more.  The end-to-end solution fully integrates to border control systems to enable the entire foreign worker lifecycle to be tracked, managed and kept in check. NexCode® and biometric mechanisms enable the securing of the foreign worker’s identity and identity documents creating a conclusive 3-way link between person, identity documents and forensic records registered within the Immigration Department’s secure databases. 

System registration, work permit issuance and foreign worker ID issuance are fully integrated to ensure a holistic view is available on each and every foreign worker present in the country. Agents and employers are also linked to more effectively manage quotas and to promote accountability thereby preventing abuses. The effective management of foreign worker tracking also promotes their safety and ability for governments to ensure human rights and human trafficking policies can be enforced effectively.

The ability to effectively track foreign worker identities and movements based on international identification mechanisms and standards also allows the system to be able to inter-operate with other departments’ enforcement systems and with other countries through government-to-government initiatives.


  • NexCode® National Security Suite

  • Biometrics

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