Vehicle and Driver Management

The efficiency of managing high volumes of vehicles and drivers largely relies on the management of a highly complex backend platform with multiple road transport sub-systems, perhaps running on numerous technologies. 

Our transport systems enables Road Transport Departments to maximize performance, manage pools of resources and retain full control of data without any degradation of security mechanisms. It provides a holistic approach to a Road Transport Department’s operational needs, consolidating information and systems to ensure tasks such as the issuance of driving license, permits, vehicle registration plates, tax and payment collection as well as enforcement can be efficiently and effectively carried out.

Through these solutions, communications between various sub-systems, real-time data computing, storage and retrieval of large amounts of data are made easy and seamless for users. Thereby enhancing operational capability, accuracy and manageability in today’s increasingly digital world.

Identity protection, verification and enforcement is provided for by a fully integrated NexCode® National Security Suite allowing, for example, driving license identities to be securely protected. The real-time nature of the solutions enables the accurate checking of time-critical information such as demerit points and infringement records while in the field so that correct enforcement actions can be applied.


  • NexWareRoad Transport System

  • NexPlate Secure Number Plate Management System

  • NexCode® National Security Suite

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