NexCode® is a Level 3 (L3S) Forensic level technology governing the security of identities. It is a patented and award-winning 2D code solution that provides real-time information access and information sharing via this technology unique to S5 Systems. This highly secure solution assures information integrity and real-time dynamic data retrieval from individual or networked databases through the use of our award-winning NexCode® system architecture. It is the only L3S mobile security solution available today that transforms common assets such as mobile phones and PCs into powerful enforcement and identity authentication tools, allowing dynamic yet secured data retrieval to be performed anytime, anywhere.

Key solution highlights:

  • Highest level of identity security (LS3) technology applied

  • International Common Criteria (CC) certified assures secure and accurate verification of identities and its documents

  • US Military grade encryption and fool-proof communication and encryption algorithms utilised 

  • 'Global Standard’ future-proof identity protection and enforcement verification

  • No specialized or costly enforcement/verification tools required

  • Cost effective without changes to existing processes or procedures - bold

  • Cross-border information sharing and enforcement

  • Unlimited storage capacity and REAL-TIME document status updates

  • Possible NexCode® permutations at 572 trillion combinations



  • Real-time data retrieval from a trusted data source under full control of the source data owner