The Technology

The security features governing the security of an identity can be divided into three levels of security, i.e. 

  • Level 1 Security (L1S) (Overt) – Data or information that is mainly printed and it is visible to eye.

  • Level 2 Security (L2S) (Covert) – Information that is both printed and embedded into the physical layer such as chip and magnetic strip. 

  • Level 3 Security (L3S) (Forensic). – Secured and encrypted data that is printed, unique and requires special device to retrieve or to verify in real-time basis.

These levels of security in combination provide comprehensive security coverage for identities and related documents to ensure their validity and authenticity. These are typically used to protect identity information on crucial documents such as identity cards, driving licenses and passports to ensure originality and accuracy of the identities they represent. 

The diagram below illustrates the different levels of security and how they ensure complete security coverage of an identity: