Success Stories

Award Winning Solutions

S5 Systems’ products won the coveted “Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) “Best of Security” solution, reaffirming the strength, leadership and capabilities of S5 Systems and its solution in the critical space of security. We gained further trust from the Government and national security space through our winning of the “Prime Minister’s Best of the Best Award” and “Best of e-Government & Services” in the Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) in 2013. Our International Common Criteria Security Certified solution is a proof of our abiding dedication to holding our products to high standards consistently. 

National Foreigner Enforcement and Registration System

A comprehensive foreigner enforcement and registration solution executed nationwide encompassing biometric data and NexCode® capabilities. Integrated and powered by NexCode®, the entire solution installed across more than 100 Immigration Border checkpoints, the system is continuously being enhanced, expanded across governmental agencies as to ensure tighter enforcement conducted on foreigners residing in the country. 

Foreign Worker Management System

Biometric registration for all foreign workers (legal and illegal) was executed nationwide to improve the management of all foreign workers residing in the country. The solution enabled large scale enforcement aim to reduce crime rates especially those related to illegal immigrants. Within less than 2 months of the system roll-out, more than 1 million illegal foreign workers have been registered under the programme.

Foreign Worker ID Card

A NexCode® enabled ID card in lieu of international passports is issued to Foreign Expatriates and Resident pass holders in the home country. The solution aims to prevent identity fraud and assist in addressing human trafficking by providing live, real time updates to enforcement officers via the NexCode®.

Immigration Security Clearance 

The Immigration Security Clearance is a key security step implemented on migrant workers before any work application process such as application for Visa can begin. It is implemented across approximately 15 countries worldwide and acts as the first level of security measure by verifying the identity and status of migrants/ candidates against its security database. This pre-clearance process powered by the NexCode® significantly reduces the risk of detainment and deportation of workers upon arriving the home country.